Joining as a Cadet

Joining the Squadron could not be easier!

Don’t be shy about taking that first step – it may well be the best thing you have ever done.

We are happy to welcome personal visits by potential Cadets (ideally accompanied by a parent or guardian) during one of our Parade Nights (Monday or Thursday evenings between 19.00 to 21.30). There is no obligation to join.

Cadet membership is open to young people, both male and female, those starting Year 8 at school and 20 years old who accept the challenge. The maximum age for new members is 17 years old. Cadets of all nationalities, backgrounds and abilities are equally welcome.

Not all Cadets join because they want a career with the Royal Air Force or Aerospace Industry – we are NOT a recruiting organisation for the Services – there are almost as many reasons to join as there are members. Membership cost is kept to an absolute minimum – we even supply your Uniform.

The Air Cadet Organisation is a ‘military’ youth organisation and accordingly there are high standards to maintain. You will be expected to take a pride in your uniform and appearance, be well mannered and SELF disciplined – you will be joining something to be proud of.

You will also be expected to take part in as many of the activities as possible – most Cadets don’t need much persuading to do this! “The more you put into the Air Cadets, the more you get back out – there is always something extra to do or go for.”

Find our Squadron location here.
Or fill in this form here selecting Join as a cadet in the drop down menu.

Once you join what happens next? Heres some idea of what will be the usual progression into cadet life. Click here.

Cromer Air Cadets

Pride in Excellence
Cromer Air Cadets. Pride in Excellence. Next Open Evening Wednesday 11th May 2016, Next Intake Day Wednesday 18th May 2016

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