Your First Day at Cadets

You will find our Squadron Building on the campus of Cromer Academy. It is the hut which is down the slope from near the swimming pool on the left of the main academy buildings. We meet on a Monday and Thursday Evening from 7 pm (1900h) to 9.30pm (2130h).
If it’s your first evening down just to say hello then you might want to bring a parent (or both). Having parental support and understanding of what being an Air Cadet is all about is essential!

On entering the building you will be met by a staff member or the duty corporal. You will then be introduced to the senior staff, usually the Officer Commanding 1895bSquadron, Flight Lieutenant David Jefferies.

After the initial chat you will probably get a guided tour of the Squadron Building. Whilst it isn’t huge every wall is a story. You will see photos and information about the expeditions our cadets take part in, information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes the cadets have undertaken, photos of camps and sporting events, project information, as well as learning aids for other activities for the syllabi the cadets progress through.

You will get a LOT of information about the cadets and at the same time you and your parents will be able to ask questions to clarify anything you need more information on.

At this time if your happy to do so you can stay and join in the activities the cadets are undertaking. Your parent(s) can stay or leave you to it.

Sometime during the evening a cadet corporal or sergeant (we call them NCO’s which stands for non-commissioned officer) will have a chat and get some more information from you.

At the end of the initial day you should have a lot of information about what it is like to be a cadet. The thrills, opportunities as well as the responsibilities and self-discipline you will need to undertake to make it worthwhile. We do need you to undertake certain conditions such as care of your uniform and your appearance, however when you consider all the extras you get as an air cadet the benefit is clear!

So READ ON for what will happen over your next few weeks.

Cromer Air Cadets

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