The Next Few Weeks

So Day One is over and you survived. You will have a few bits of paper to look over, fill out and get your parents to sign.

When you return you will get straight back into being a cadet. Despite the fact you won’t know anything about parading or drill (the marching bit) we throw you straight onto parade with the rest of the Squadron. Why? Well for one thing we find cadets learn the process if not the technique faster if they are in the “deep end” straight away. The other thought we have is that we want you to feel as though you’re a part of the Squadron already and not sitting on the side-lines feeling alone and left out. Every cadet does this and not one Squadron member, staff or cadet will make any issue if you make a mistake or cannot get the foot movements right just yet. All that expertise comes later so don’t worry and remember everyone went through this, even the staff and Officers.

Over the next few weeks you will have to undertake a small a few tasks to be able to get enrolled into the Squadron and get your uniform. However your time will not be isolated away from the rest of the Squadron and on the whole you will join in as many “normal” activities as possible.

At some point you will have a chat with the Squadron Adjutant, Mr Loake who will ensure you understand all the protocols involved in the Squadron. He keeps a record of who you are and your attendance and he will go through the paperwork with you explaining all the reasons behind it. He will also issue you with a cadet log book. Your “3822”. This becomes your history and achievement record within the Air cadets. You will understand this when you actually see it. This is presented to you on parade by the commanding officer.


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Cromer Air Cadets. Pride in Excellence. Next Open Evening Wednesday 11th May 2016, Next Intake Day Wednesday 18th May 2016

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