Buddies and Uniform

At some time you will be given a “Buddy”. Your buddy will be a cadet that has usually joined within the last year and will know how you feel and what you have to do. He or she will be your first port of call if you have any questions about what to do or who does what. You will also meet an NCO who will be your next in command so to speak. He will ensure you’re not left behind in any aspect.

Our Squadron really insists that the cadets and NCO’s take every opportunity to run certain aspects of Squadron organisation and you will see this as you attend each Parade night. It might well be a cadet that explains the History of the Air Cadets to you, shows you the different cadet uniforms and teaches you the basic drill moves.

Once you have a handle of those aspects your stuck in front of the Officer Commanding the Squadron. He then has a quick chat and if your attendance and conduct have been of a reasonable standard during your first few weeks (and why wouldn’t it of course?) you then get issued a uniform!

You might also get to meet the Squadron Padre. The padre’s job is to ensure all cadets have someone to talk to about anything that they might feel the need to talk to a staff member about. The padre also ensures the welfare of the cadets is always paramount and often is on hand to give advice to staff and cadets alike. It is also the padres job to enrol new cadets.

This is a short but meaningful ceremony where you, as a new cadet, pledge the Air Cadet Oath. It is quick, very painless and is your last step to the pride and pleasure of being part of the fantastic 1895 (Cromer) Squadron of the Air Training Corp.

Congratulations cadet. You’re in!

Cromer Air Cadets

Pride in Excellence
Cromer Air Cadets. Pride in Excellence. Next Open Evening Wednesday 11th May 2016, Next Intake Day Wednesday 18th May 2016

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