D of E Awards

The Duke Of Edinburgh (DofE) award is highly respected by many future employers and always looks good on your CV. There are three different stage; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Obviously Gold is the hardest and Bronze the easiest. There are certain aspects that you need to complete including; Volunteering – helping the community eg. working in a charity shop. Skill – something you can improve on eg. playing a musical instrument. Sport – a physical activity that cannot be the same as your skill eg. Swimming. Finally there is the expedition this will range in distance and time depending on what stage you are doing.

The expedition will be planned in advance and you will have to fill out route cards. You will be divided into groups and no adult intervention is allowed unless there is an emergency. Once you have completed your Gold Award (which is also requires a residential project) you will be invited to have your award presented to you by a member of the Royal family.

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