Fieldcraft can take the form of squadron weekend exercises, that would involve campcraft, field cooking, map reading, orienteering and initiative exercises. You’ll learn what sort of clothing and equipment to use, and what sort of food you should be eating and why, and important things like calorific value. Most Fieldcraft skills are taught during evening Parade Nights.

It could also be that you attend a week-long ‘Green’ camp at an RAF or Army camp, and do such activities as assault courses, camouflage & concealment, build shelters, lean field signals, radio procedures, patrol skills, shooting and take part in first aid scenarios. This may all sound a bit daunting at first, but with the training you receive from staff and cadet NCO’s, you will quickly become more confident and skilled.

Cromer Squadron undertakes a considerable amount of fieldcraft training through out the summer months with regular servicemen who were ex cadets coming back to instruct the cadets. We are also very lucky to have so many training areas in the North Norfolk area and we certainly make use of them.

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