Adventure Training

Adventure Training forms an essential part of the Air Cadet training syllabus. As well as helping cadets forge new friendships, adventure training enables all cadets to show off their leadership qualities.

There is a wide ranging Adventure Training syllabus in the ACO – depending on the squadron you attend, you could try your hand at watersports, skiing, diving, climbing, caving and many other activities.

Within the training syllabus which the cadets are taught at the squadron, Adventurous Training is covered by Initial Expedition Training, along with elements of Navigation during Map Reading and Basic Navigation.

Other subjects, such as Meteorology are also important in Adventure Training. Cadets get plenty of opportunities to practice their skills at the squadron before putting them into practice outside. We have qualified staff who are always keen to teach new cadets the basics before taking them out and about Snowdonia.

To carry out a number of Adventure Training Activities staff and cadets require specific qualifications, for example BELA, WGL, ML for Hill Walking, SPA for climbing or BCU Star qualifications for canoeing.

Before allowing our cadets to participate in any activities, we always ensure that the staff in charge are properly qualified and their qualifications are up to date.

The Corps has two dedicated Adventure Training Centres one at Llanbedr and the other at Windermere.

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