Amazing Cadets!

Pictured below are two amazing cadets from Cromer Squadron.

Cadet Corporal Abigail Whiting has recently won the North Norfolk Writers Creative Writing Cup which she was presented at the Cromer Academy Award Ceremony which she recently left to attend City College. Corporal Whiting has chosen Creative Writing as her “Skills” choice in her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and the award will go towards her achieving this section’s goals.

Also pictured very busy doing one of his hobbies is Cadet Brandon Abel(13) from Sheringham High School. He is a keen lighting technician for the schools multitude of shows and special evenings wh2015-11-26 20.48.37ere lighting plays an important role in the atmosphere and efficiency of the occasion.

Brandon says of the two activities “I love the Air Cadets and what we achieve there and it’s great to be able to help at the school and work on my other skills and hobbies such as the theatrical lighting for the shows we do.”

Brandon will be starting his Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme this year but hasn’t yet decided on his choices. “I may choose Theatrical Lighting as my skill for the Silver or Gold Award as I intend to get all of them whilst attending Air Cadets.”

Whatever Cadet Abel opts to do the Air Cadets will support and provide every assistance in pursuing the completion of all the Award Levels. For more information and about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme check out their web site at

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“A bit of a trial if you ask me”!

Four cadets from 1895(Cromer) Squadron attended some sports trials at Thurston Community Sports College on Sunday 17th January. Each cadet was trialling for a different event and although some were not successful the effort they put in was very high indeed. One of the cadets, Susan Bloor (13) from Sheringham High School, has only been a cadet for 3 months but wanted to represent the Wing in the Junior Netball team. Alas, this time round with twice the number of girls trialling for the limited spaces than were needed Susan was unsuccessful but this has not put her off looking forward to future opportunities.

Cadet Corporals, Genny Keerie(15), Toby Mournian(14) and Harrison Sharps(16) all attempted to get their place in the teams for Senior Girls Hockey, Junior Boys Rugby and Senior Boys Football respectfully. Corporal Sharps has been allocated a place whilst the other two have yet to find out if they have been selected.

Being selected is just the start cadets! Attend the matches, win a wing blue and do well for Norfolk and Suffolk Wing. Your efforts are a credit to the Squadron and the Wing!

Below, Cadet Corporal Genny Keerie (left), Cadet Susan Bloor, Cadet Corporals Harrison Sharps and Toby Mournian.

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Learning the drill!

Cadet Warrant Officer Michael Gardiner is shown in the photo below teaching new cadets at Cromer Air Cadets some of the drill they will be making use of this year. As it is the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Air Training Corps organisation there are several parades planed, the first being on Sunday February 7th in North Walsham when cadets from local Squadrons will march through the town and about 2:30pm before attending a church service to commemorate the event.

All the cadets have recently joined the Squadron but are very keen to be part of the Parade.


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A balanced activity schedule for Cromer Cadets.

Cadets from Cromer Squadron ATC all put on their thinking caps this week and carried on with their cadet Syllabus academic studies.

Pictured below (rear to front) are Cadet Tammy Glover and Cadet Corporals Abigail Whiting and Samantha Lambert with Acting Cadet Sergeant Corale Bonello studying for their Senior Cadet Exams.

Pictured here are the Junior Cadets watching a film about the history of the Royal Air Force and seen here in a gruelling Leading Cadet Exam are Cadets, Jamie Wells (left) Jacob Welsh and Ian Glover.

Whilst only a small part of the Air Cadet Experience the academic syllabus makes up an important part ensuring the cadets undertake their activities with knowledge and interest!

A quote from Benjamin Franklin emphasises the Air Cadets attitude to learning,

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


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The buildings occupied by Air Cadet Squadrons in Norfolk and Suffolk Wing Air Training Corps generally are managed by the East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. They maintain the fabric of the buildings and provide ongoing repairs, upgrades and renovations to very high standards on behalf of their “tenants”, the Air Cadet and Army Cadet units that occupy them.

However in the latter stages of 2015 Cadet Corporal Samantha Lambert (16) a student at Cromer Academy suggested to the staff that they decorate their Squadron Hut.

“I thought it was looking a little “tired” in places and we really want to be proud of the Squadron and everything connected with it”, Corporal Lambert explained. “I asked if we could paint the walls and make the place look better so we can impress new potential cadets when they visit and show everyone we have a really great Squadron!”

Flight Lieutenant Brian Keerie then verified a self-help permission was in place and with the support of the Squadron Welfare Committee, donations from parents and staff and local organisations provided all the supplies needed to redecorate.

Since early January the ATC Hut on Cromer Academy grounds has been undergoing a slow transformation with walls, doors, display boards and all the woodwork being given a fresh coat of paint.

Much of the work is being carried out to a high standard by cadets themselves, supervised by experienced trades people ensuring the strict criteria for self help projects and of course making sure all the risk assessments are adhered to. It will take several more weeks to complete the task to the required standard but the new look will ensure the cadets are motivated to make the very best use of the building and take care of it with all the respect for its clean and pristine new image.

In the photo you see Cadet Corporal Genny Keerie(15) painting the door and Cadet Corporal Samantha Lambert painting the skirting board.

2016-01-16 14.41.16

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